Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Solving Our Nation's Problems - Hunger

Let me preface this blog with a quick note; I am not an economist and I do not claim to know how the economy works. I am, however, a voting patriotic constituent who recognizes obvious waste in the system. I see opportunities that are at the very least worthy of a blog and open for discussion.

In a previous post, I spoke about the amount of money that we send to other countries for various reasons of aid and Americans are even very generous, donating tens of billions to aid hunger and poverty overseas ( Why are Americans not donating to Americans in need? I get that wealthy Americans are looking for tax write-off opportunities but let's give to our brothers and sisters who need food.

Take a look at what programs like Hunters for the Hungry are doing ( These hunters provide hundreds of millions of venison meals each year to the homeless and hungry at soup kitchens and shelters around the nation. This without federal dollars. There are many other organizations like this and my hat is off for each and every one.

Now in my aforementioned previous post, I was talking about the annual ticket of $400 million that we give to Hamas. I would like to see that money go to the homeless situation using shipping containers to make small houses and neighborhoods to kick start the homeless back into society. So now about all the money from private donations that goes overseas...I cannot understand why we are not donating to organizations committed to feeding the poor and hungry here. Don't get me wrong, I feel for everyone but I think it sends the wrong message to poor Americans when we send the money around them to other countries. Can we not save our own? Does it not bother you when you drive past homeless people holding a sign and looking for anything you can give?

Perhaps the organizations that reel in the donations need to do a better job at two things; one they need to get American dollars donated to their American programs and two they need to do more outreach so that these people who take to the corners know that there are resources. What makes more sense to you? Giving a few bucks to a man on a corner who will probably buy alcohol or drugs or give to a legitimate organization who can do so much more with it to assist these people. Now before you call me heartless in my thinking, allow me to share a TRUE story. A friend of mine passed a man begging on a corner for money for food. My friend drove to a McDonald's and purchased a gift card because he wanted to make sure that this man he wanted to help would be able to get guaranteed meals. The man threw the gift card back at my friend and said "Fuck You!" Not so nice. We have to get these people off the streets and get them into programs to help them.

Let's step up and give back. Bring a good portion of this donated money back from overseas and put it to good use for AMERICANS! I am including a list of great verified agencies who combat hunger here in the USA.

Feeding America
Food Pantries
List of Charities

God Bless the United States of America!